Creative Ideas – DIY Plastic Barrel Outdoor Train

Is there any kid who doesn’t like riding on the choo choo train? My son loves it so much that whenever we go to the amusement parks or special events, choo choo train is always his first choice. And there is a park close to our home that operates a carousel and a train ride during weekends. We often go there to enjoy the rides.
Thanks to the creativity and skill hands of the DIY enthusiasts, it’s actually quite easy to build a choo choo train right from your backyard. I’ve found a nice tutorial on how to make a trailer train using plastic drum barrels. Basically you’ll need to install the frames and wheels on the barrels and attach them to small tractors, lawn mowers, bikes and anything that can pull them to move. You can even customize each barrel car with a steering wheel and horn to make it look like a real car and keep the little ones entertained. The barrel train will be a party favorite. Once the kids see the train, they won’t be able to resist it. It’s perfect for birthday parties, family gatherings, special events or just everyday fun around your backyard!
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